An exemplifier of hard work, grit and dedication, we know "Dhananjay" as the third son of Queen Kunti, and a dear friend of Lord Krishna. His archery skills were known to be legendary, but they did not come to him overnight. His eye was always at the eye of the proverbial fish in the pond, which in this case was the coveted title of “The Best Archer in the World” or “Sarva Shreshtha Dhanurdhar”. His commitment to being the best had led him to take the hardships head on and surpass them to come out on the other side even stronger. Dhananjay, which was also the first name of Arjun in the order of all his 10 names, (viz. Vijay, Shwetvahan, Phalguni, Kirti, Vibhatsu, Sabyasachi, Gunakesh, Parth, Jishnu, Kaunteya), had earned a distinctive name for himself in mythology not because he was of royal blood, but because, he was able to achieve victory over all those encounters of life, which pull a person down

    The reason why "Dhananjay" has been chosen as the name for CAN's financial support scheme for graduates is exactly that - being the embodiment of hard work, grit and dedication. This Project is a one of its kind initiatives wherein, the Foundation wishes to encourage fresh graduates to join litigation right at the threshold of their professional lives. In acknowledgement of the hardships faced by new entrants, particularly but not limited to first generation lawyers, both in case of finances and connections, the Project essentially provides an “incubatory period” to young and ignited minds of the Nation and aims at dispelling the anxieties and apprehensions they might bear as they venture into Litigation owing to their financial conditions or lack of initial support from their families. Some of such candidates may even be placed with lawyers with highly successful practices and Senior Advocates.

    With the opportunity and means provided, CAN hopes that the newly minted law graduates will endeavour to best emulate the values of "Dhananjay", with unwavering and precise concentration at achieving excellence at the Bar and contributing positively to the Nation.

    This year, the CAN Foundation released a Call for Applications inviting aspiring fresh law graduates to submit their candidature for the scheme of stipendiary support under the project on 17th May, 2021.

Dhananjay 2021

Late Prof. N.R. Madhava Menon had set up the first National Law University of the country with the goal that the Institution shall mould the Future Harbingers of Justice. In an attempt to realise his Vision, the CAN Foundation is pleased to announce the 2nd edition of Project Dhananjay.

Under Dhananjay 2020, 4 Scholars from National Law Universities (NLUs) who were in need of financial assistance, were accorded a monthly scholarship stipend ranging from 15K to 18K per month for the duration of a year.

We plan to expand the project this year and hence under Dhananjay 2021 we seek to assist 5-6 Young, Meritorious Scholars who wish to pursue a career in Litigation. With the times of COVID adding onto the apprehensions that exist about the uncertainties of the field, we hope that the Scholarly Stipend helps alleviate such fears.

While we planned to launch Dhananjay 2021 earlier this year, however, due to the unforeseen Second Wave of the COVID Pandemic, we had to delay the launch of Dhananjay 2021. However, we are immensely grateful to launch the Project just in time for the graduation of the Batch of 2021.

The Foundation is immensely grateful to its Patrons, Donors and Well-Wishers for their continued support and blessings throughout and especially during these trying times without which it would not be possible for it to engage in such philanthropic activities.


The eligibility requirements under the Project are as follows:

  • Applicant must have graduated with a B.A. LL.B. degree (or any other similar 5-year integrated law undergraduate program) from any National Law University in the academic year 2019-20 or any year thereafter. The Candidates graduating in June or July 2021, were also eligible to apply under the Project.
  • If the candidate has been placed, then he/she should not be getting more than Rs. 30K per month as remuneration from their place of employment.
  • Applicant must have secured not less than 65% marks in the last 2 years of their 5-year Law Course in aggregate/average, without more than 4 repeats/improvements in any subject of the curriculum in the last 2 years. The trimester/semester impact due to the COVID-19 pandemic was not taken into account.
  • Applicant must have had not less than 75% attendance in the last 2 years of their 5-year law course in aggregate/average of the 2 years.
  • The annual cumulative family income (of Father, Mother, Unmarried Brother/Sister in the last 3 financial years) on the date of application has been equal to or less than Rs. 15 lakhs per annum, including the latest/last financial year as per the Income Tax Return filed with the IT Department. In addition to this, there were several documents required to be attached while submitting the Application. The documents are enlisted hereinafter.
  • Copies of Income Tax Returns of Father, Mother and Brother/Sister (if unmarried) of last 3 financial years.
  • PAN & Aadhar Card of Father, Mother and Brother/Sister (if unmarried).
  • Details of landholdings, house, flat, etc. in the name of Father, Mother, the candidate or his real brother/sister (if unmarried).
  • Details about financial support he is getting in the form of scholarship from State/Central Government or any NGO.
  • Certified copies of Marksheet and attendance record of semester/trimester of last two years of B.A.LL.B. Course.
  • Copy of CV.
  • A 1000-1500 words write-up (either in English or Hindi) explaining the necessity, importance, and relevance of Project Dhananjay to the Candidate. Extending on why he/she wants to join litigation, the level of commitment he/she can put in, the vision of his/her life and how that vision plays a role in choosing litigation as a career. If he/she is in practice, how he/she has survived till now, any achievements or recognition he/she has achieved. The write-up must include about the basic values and principles of life he/she believes in, values and ethics he/she holds and the values which are most relevant for joining litigation as a career and way of life


The Final date of submitting application was extended from 31st May 2021 to 04th June 2021 till 5 PM IST via notice dated 31st May 2021.


The Foundation adopted a one-stage process to scrutinize applications received. For the same, an independent committee was constituted, i.e., Scrutiny/Selection Committee. The preliminary examination of the applications was done by the Selection committee, it examined the documents of the candidates as to whether it complied with the eligibility requirements. Further, the Committee took the final call as to whether the candidate is worthy or not.

The Selection Committee comprised of:


The Foundation received 7 (Seven) Applications. The Selection Committee after deliberations shortlisted and selected 5 applications.

All these 5 candidates were, after strict scrutiny, found worthy to be given benefit under the Project.

  • Mr. Divyanshu Jain - 5th Year Candidate from NLUO, Cuttack.
  • Mr. Rishab Joshi - 5th Year Candidate from HPNLU, Shimla.
  • Mr. Sarath KP - 5th Year Candidate from NUALS, Kochi.
  • Mr. Vinudeep R - 5th Year Candidate from TNNLU, Tiruchirappalli.
  • Mr. Trilok Chand - 5th Year Candidate from NLUO, Cuttack.

The candidates shall be paid a scholarly stipend ranging between Rs. 15,000- 18,000 per month from the date of starting their professional practice before any Court in the country

If you wish to have a perusal of the copy of the detailed summary of the Committee Reports, individual profiles of the Scholars along with the relevant information, please feel free to mail us at [email protected]. Keeping the privacy of the Dhananjay scholars in mind, we request you to add the following details in your respective mails, as mentioned below:-

a. Name -

b. Mobile Number -

c. Workplace -

This would allow us to keep a track of the number of people, we are sharing the aforementioned personal information about our Scholars with.


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