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Project Kautilya

A teacher, Guru or advisor is one of the main reasons for the success for each and every one of us who has achieved something. Not just Kautilya, who was the brains behind Chandragupta’s unification of India under one flag, but many others too.  Akbar had the Nine Jewels of his court, Arjun had Vasudeva Shri Krishna and Guru Drona, Pandit Ravi Shankar had Ustad Allauddin Khan Saheb, and so many others.

Project Kautilya is a homage to our teachers and the noble profession of teaching. The Foundation hopes to be able to help the advancement of Institutions, via the betterment of the Faculty that teach there. We aim to help Faculty to go for higher studies, research, diplomas or certificate courses and enrich their knowledge base which can in turn help the students of these NLU’s.

In this initiative alumni of various NLUs come forward to support these teachers financially. As this financial hurdle is hard to overcome if not helped by somebody, so here we are…

This project spread its wings in three phase focusing different NLUs in each phase.



Tier 3: DSNLU, TNNLS, MNLU(Mumbai, Nagpur & Aurangabad), DNLU,HPNLU.

With primary focus on Tier-2 and Tier-3 NLUs.

For being funded under this project faculty need to sign 3 year bond with their concerned NLU. Any permanently employed faculty with minimum 5 years of experience at NLU can come under this project. She/he needs to produce a bona fide certificate of his employment at NLU along with his/her detailed CV and a proposal and conformation letter from the concerned university of admission. Selection of candidates is done by eminent academicians and jurists and funding is provided as per the availability of funds and needs of applicant with some terms and conditions.

So CAN Foundation dreams of providing every possible opportunity to teaching faculty of NLU’s to achieve what they aspire for. The better the faculty is, greater the good will it be for the society, as they train and mould the legal minds of future.