Project Paritraan

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Project Paritraan

The times of COVID have forced all of us to introspect on our privilege and have highlighted the socio-economic divide that our country continues to face. However, the silver lining in these gloomy times is the strength of humanity. People from all across the country, amidst the pandemic, joined hands to ensure equitable distribution of resources and made efforts to spread calls of help far and wide. It is because of such pious efforts that numerous lives could be saved. Such acts reaffirmed our faith in humanity and contributed to the conception of yet another project to channelize the benign human attributes of altruism.

In furtherance of this, CAN Foundation is pleased to announce “Project Paritraan”. The word “Paritraan” refers to the act of giving a person protection in its greatest form. The project seeks to achieve the same by assisting students & alumni of National Law Universities, who may be in need of Financial Assistance. This project shall operate in addition to Projects Dhananjay & Eklavya and shall have minimal restrictions on eligibility.

Any student or alumni of any NLU may approach CAN Foundation when in need of financial assistance. The Foundation shall verify the details of the applicant and then shall raise funds for each applicant individually. We hope to reach the thousands of people who are associated with us and request them to support us financially, in order to enable us to manifest this Project.

While 'Paritraan' was conceptualised keeping in mind the valiant efforts of people during the COVID Pandemic, we hope to have this Project as a continued effort in ensuring assistance to those in need even post this pandemic. We request all members of the legal fraternity who have the resources to support, to please come forth and extend a helping hand. We firmly believe in the notion that “little drops of water make the mighty ocean” and request support in whatever manner possible. Even sharing the word of our Initiative would go a long way in changing the lives of our beneficiaries, thereby illuminating millions of lives that we aim to reach.