The CAN Foundation proudly announces the final list of selected candidates for Project Dhananjay 2020-2021. The selected candidates for the year 2020-21 comprise Mr. Chitwan Sharma (NLSIU), Mr. Kirt Agarwal (NLUD), Ms. Samikshya Thapa (GNLU) and Ms. Prerna Shaha (GNLU). The selected candidates shall be paid a monthly stipend ranging from Rs. 15,000- 18,000 per month for setting up their practice in Litigation.

The candidates are selected through a rigorous two-tier rigorous process with the Selection Panel comprising of Senior Members of both Academia and the Bar while the Tier One Scrutiny Committee showcases young members of the bar who have served the profession diligently and have worked towards raising the standard of discourse at the Bar.

The Foundation wishes the selected candidates the best in their careers and serve the society by improving the standard of discourse at the Bar as Late Prof. (Dr.) Madhava Menon had envisioned.

CAN Foundation proudly declares its recipients for “Project Eklavya” Scholarship for the Session 2019-20. These candidates have been selected for the scholarship, the amount of which has already been disbursed to them in the Inaugural Ceremony of CAN Foundation, which was successfully held on 07th December, 2019 at Vidhan Sabha, Madhya Pradesh. All the candidates have been selected after their applications been scrutinized by duly constituted independent, autonomous Scrutiny Committee. The Students personally received the Scholarship after attending the Inaugural Ceremony, for which separate TA-DA Allowance of Rs. 7500 was separately provided.

Every small achievement will soon be one amazing success. We have just embarked on this beautiful journey and day by day, our impact will increase; but for that, it’s necessary to keep a record of what we are really doing. Right? Because at the end of the day, your work gives you a peaceful sleep at night.