Eklavya 2020 - FAQs For All Applicants

  • Eklavya 2020 - FAQs For All Applicants

All interested applicants to note that the submission deadline is 05:00 PM, September 7, 2020. The Foundation must be in receipt of all relevant annexures attached with the Application Form on or before the aforementioned time and date.

If any student’s parents have not filed the ITR in the last 3 years, such student shall be required to place the proof of the Income Certificate or Appropriate Form issued by the IT Department, preferably Form No.- 16 showing that income of the parents of applicant candidate has been less than the minimum slab prescribed for payment of income tax, and for this reason the ITRs were not filed by the parents. Therefore such a certificate is necessary to be produced.

Such a certificate may be procured by applying with the Income Tax Department online through a Chartered Accountant, where-after the said certificate must be produced. Further, if any candidate is not able to produce any document about the ITRs filed in the last 3 years, then he must attach the screenshot of data appearing on ITR website as against his earning family member’s PAN Number and it must clearly show ‘no data available’ thereby conveying that the Candidate’s family members haven’t filed any ITRs in that particular year(s) and there income slab is not liable for income tax purposes.

Also, The Candidate is required to furnish a notarised affidavit on 100Rs. Non-Judicial Stamp Paper specifying in clear and categorical terms the quantum of amount that the family members of the candidate earn per annum and that they haven’t filed ITRs for some or all 3 previous financial years and if such information is found to be false, then any action may be taken by the Foundation against the candidate as warranted by the Law of the Country.

In case, the attendance certificate or attendance sheets are not available with any student, then it is mandatory for such student to approach their concerned Vice- Chancellor & Registrar both and request for issuance of a bona-fide letter in favor of CAN Foundation informing that the attendance of the applicant student has been more than the required minimum of 75% in the last 3 trimesters/semesters.

The letter, by both the signatories must declare that upon verification of the attendance records of the concerned candidate, it has been recorded to their satisfaction that the concerned student is meeting the minimum attendance requirement of 75%. Such letter bearing the signatures of both the VC &the Registrar must also record in specific terms that the University does not maintain any attendance records of any student as a matter of practice. If any student is not able to produce even such a certificate, then he will not be considered for grant of scholarship. Because the requirement of minimum 75% attendance is mandatory and cannot be dispensed with.

Project Eklavya is an annual scholarship provided on the basis of assessment of the candidate conducted every year. As such, yes, all the Project Eklavya 2019 Awardees (or 2019 applicants) must duly fill and send the Application form after registering through the website should they wish to register their candidature for the Project Eklavya 2020 Scholarship.

The Net income of the Candidate’s family (i.e. his father’s, mother’s, brother/sister’s (if unmarried)) shall be taken into account while computing ‘income’ as mentioned in the eligibility criteria.

For this special case, the candidate must have secured a minimum of 65% marks in his first semester. Only the marks of the first semester will be taken into account for examining the eligibility, if the University has not declared results with respect to the Second Semester or Third Trimester. The marks of the second semester or third trimester shall not be taken into account if the University hasn’t declared the results.

If the results have been declared by the University, irrespective of the method adopted by the University for taking such examination for the said second semester or third trimester, the candidate shall have to calculate his aggregate marks for the past two semesters or three trimesters and if he secures aggregate/average marks as according to the point (b) in the eligibility criteria, then he or she shall be eligible for applying under the Project.

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, many NLUs have not been able to conduct examinations of even semesters (or related trimester) of the academic session 2019-2020. Only for these NLUs where examinations pertaining to such semester/trimester (s) haven’t been conducted or results haven’t been declared by September 2020, the student shall be eligible to exclude that semester/trimester for calculating aggregate/average marks.

The mode of examinations is irrelevant for interpretation of this clause. If the examinations have been conducted and results are declared, the said semester/trimester will be taken into account for examining eligibility and further scrutinising the candidature of the candidate.

The Candidate is required to send the final copy of Application form on [email protected] with the subject of the mail titled ‘PE 2020 - Application submission - Registration Number.’ The name of the pdf file of the application form has to be in the format ‘First Name of the Candidate - Registration Number. ’

The personal Letter of Recommendation by the Vice Chancellor as required by the Application Form is an essential component of the Selection Procedure and holds great value in an Applicant’s candidature for the Scholarship.

However, in the event the same cannot be obtained by the Applicant under the Vice Chancellor’s letter and seal, the Applicant may obtain the same from the Registrar of the University while complying with certain additional conditions mentioned below.

The Letter of Recommendation submitted under the letter and seal of the Registrar must necessarily and sufficiently bear the reasons for the absence of a recommendation from the Vice Chancellor. Further, the Applicant must be informed that such relaxation may only be permitted in the rarest of circumstances and only after such circumstances have been intimated to the Foundation duly and well in advance. The Foundation reserves the right to determine the severity of the circumstance in which such a letter is permitted.

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