The Confederation of Alumni for National Law Universities (‘CAN Foundation’) is an entity established for working towards promotion of students (or Alumni) connected with all the National Law Universities (NLU's) of the Nation. It helps students and aspiring fresh graduates by supporting them financially and mentoring them to hone their professional abilities.

The Foundation, which is a body of Alumni drawn from various NLU's was conceptualized as a helping hand to help the financially underprivileged legal geniuses in overcoming their hardships. It aids them in securing their education and other co-curricular activities, thus expanding their access to a multitude of opportunities.

What initially started as a movement with its roots in National Law Institute University, Bhopal (NLIU) has today expanded to over as many as 10 NLU's of the Country, with its members & Alumni network eager to help achieve the Foundation’s vision of easier access to legal education.

The Foundation has two flagship projects namely Project "Eklavya" and "Dhananjay". Under the scheme of Project Eklavya, financially unsound students across National Law Universities are selected by a distinguished panel of legal experts through a rigorous process and are then aided and mentored by the Foundation.

Project Dhananjay on the other hand, is the financial support extended to newly admitted members of the Bar by way of a monthly stipend for their initial one year of legal practice. These are graduates with exceptional legal acumen who are picked after a strict selection procedure by a Panel of Experts comprised of distinguished members of the legal fraternity. Further details about the work of the Foundation and its Patrons can be found in the bi-annual newsletter, ‘Chandragupt’ which was inaugurated in the Foundation’s Inaugural Ceremony held at MP Vidhan Sabha, Bhopal in December 2019.

One of the dear ideals of the Foundation remains legal literacy and increasing access to the same and it has been working diligently towards realizing the same since its inception.